The Testosterone Experiment

Jan 24/2014

This is one of the experiments I self engaged in. I'm 20, if you judge me your probably a 30 year old jerking off to pornography in you grand dads attic. I don't regret it, I cherish it. I'm glad I know some homies with some good juice The regimen: -250mg Testosterone Enanthate, every six days -half a pill Aromasin, every second day The decision: Fuck it, who needs … [Read more...]

I don’t want to blow your mind, but expect to be mindblown

I absolutely suck at blogging! I don't have a clue what I'm going to write baout or what kinds of topics I am going to address or who I am going to piss off or shit on. This is my first post ever so be a gentlemen and buy everything I link to. I love you, and I need to make a living doing something so here I am people. Love it or hate it, but it if you hate it go burn in … [Read more...]